Thinking about Thinking

Begins with fixation

Ends in nothingness

Along the way there are forms

Capable of dancing

Energies able to be still.


Thinking Together

Between group think and angelic intelligence

Between argument and communion

Falls the Shadow  

Between the one and the many

Between us and them

The Shadow comes

Between this moment and the next

Is the Shadow


Thinking Experience

To die at the right time

Hitting the target with the whole of oneself

Before disappearing




The DuVersity


On Giving a Lecture

Prague Poems

Unseen Eyebeams - a Story


Rave Culture and Gurdjieff

Methodology of Meaning

Articles from Journal 'Systematics'

The Systematics Code

The Lattice of Understanding

Systematics - an introduction


Readings of Gurdjieff's Writings

Publications - Talks, DVDs and Recordings

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